Restoration Policies

Restoration and Shop Policies

Labor Rates

  • Body & Paint $75.00 per hour
  • Fabrication $75.00 per hour
  • Mechanical $75.00 per hour

***These rates are subject to change***

Quotes, Pricing and Time Frame

  • It is impossible to estimate a price of total restoration or body restoration. Due to the many unforeseen circumstances in the automotive restoration and customization process, we will not estimate or quote a set price. A high and low can be given as a general figure, but this is not a firm number. Once your procject is stripped down and media blasted, we can evaluate the car properly.

  • As with a set price, a set completion date cannot be given also. A general time frame can be given but that time frame will always be dependant on the current workload in the shop and parts availability during a restortaion. There will always be down time during the body and paint process due to the nature of curing paints and primers. Under no circumstances will we rush this process of the restoration. This is a time enduring process and we take pride in the work that do and the job will not leave the shop until we are satisfied.


  • All jobs will have an invoice with total logged hours and total parts and materials. Payment information will be discussed upon agreement of the start of the project. Several pictures are also taken throught the entire project from pre-teardown as it arrives at the shop to completion. All of this is available to you upon request at anytime during the project. Upon completion, you will receive a copy of all pictures and documents. We also have an open door policy. You are more than welcome to check on the progress of your project at anytime.


  • Each customer provides their own insurance to cover the market value of the car.


Quality of work

What type of quality?
We offer a range from driver quality to all out show quality. We are here to do the perfect job that fits your plan and your budget.  Below is a general breakdown of the different stages of restoration and body & paint.

  • Show quality
    • The best of the best. No stone is left unturned with this type of restoration or paint job. We start with clean bare metal from media blasting and work it all the way to a dead flat deep paint finish. This carries over to the restoration side also. Every nut, bolt, bracket, etc will receive 100% detail. No expense will be spared during this type of job. Hundreds of hours are spent on panel and trim fitment, panel straightening, block sanding, priming, and buffing. The underside of the car also receives the same attention as the top side in the metal, body work, and paint phases to ensure that the bottom of the car looks as good. This is our definition of “show quality.”
  • Concours quality
    • A concours level restoration or paint job consists of duplicating a 100% original factory result. Everything from hard to find original NOS parts and panels to paint drips and seam sealer applications to the paint restoration will be covered here. Often times the cost of this type of restoration will exceed those of a “show quality” restoration due to the time consuming process of locating original date coded parts and/or restoring components to original OEM condition. Detail will also be spent here on every nut, bolt, and components to make sure it is original to the day these cars rolled off the assembly line.
  • Driver quality
    • If you plan on driving your vehicle, you may not want to go overboard with your restoration or paint job. Certain areas will not receive the special attention to detail depending on what your end goal is. Although we say this is a driver level, we do still maintain a quality product end result. You can still proudly drive your car to the local car show or cruise in and take home that 1st place trophy. We will not minimize our standards.
  • Builder Services
    • We work closely with several other restoration shops for their paint and body projects. The body, paint and finish stage of a restoration is the most important stage, in our eyes. We strive to give you the best quality work.