Media Blasting

Media Blasting – Paint Removal and Surface Preparation

We also specialize in paint stripping, rust removal, and surface preperation. We can strip steel, alluminum, figerglass and plastic. We also have the option of abrasive blasting to precisely remove rust and other severely eteched metal. By using our precise technique in the Media Blasting process, you are left undamaged, rust-free, white metal surface. Our blasting finishes are left unmatch by our competitors because we take the extra step in making sure that the finsihed result is not only satisfying to you, the customer, but 100% perfect by our standards. We can also bring our Mobile Unite to you!

We no longer offer traditional "sand" blasting. A number of other economical and safe medias are available to us for use. We use Black Beauty Abrasive for severely rusted panels, followed by Recycled Crushed Glass for general paint removal and rust. For your aluminum and fiberglass surfaces we use Soda Bicarbonate which is the safest and best way to clean and maintain no damage to the original surface. Power washing may be used as well in the final preparation stage. After blasting you have the option of allowing us to use our Epoxy Sealer to protect the surface from any future contamination and/or rust. In our opinion, this is a must for any sort of restoration, even for fiberglass and aluminum. We also offer to have any items we have blasted to be powder-coated per your request. We work closely with our vendors and only use those we trust! Pricing varies per application - Please call.

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